Data Driven teaching : Mathletics

Mathletics (GESS and BETT Award winner) is a digital learning and teaching resource used by millions of students around the world. It is proven to significantly improve results and student engagement, confidence and motivation in maths.

It is already used by thousands of teachers across the Middle East. Recent independent research by the University of Oxford found that schools making regular use of Mathletics performed significantly better on a range of measures including improvement and attainment, compared to schools that did not use Mathletics.

Mathletics is leading the way in digital learning and gamification, supporting the delivery of a range of international curricula with 1,400 assignable student activities. Mathletics supports the delivery of a “mastery” maths curriculum with fully curriculum aligned activities and courses to develop core mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.

For teachers it offers powerful differentiation, assessment and diagnostic reporting tools. Mathletics can be accessed on PCs and tablet devices both at school and at home, making it great as a classroom resource for teaching and learning and for setting homework.