Getting students to create short films in groups is a simple project activity that many teachers have used to integrate technology into their lessons. In this session I will tell the inspirational stories of a number of projects where teachers have used technology to enhance collaboration. We will discuss what worked well in these projects, the skills that were developed and how the opportunities for collaboration could have been further enhanced through the use Office 365 tools. Whilst Office 365 offers a range of great tools to help build communities of digital learners, the success of a lesson still hinges on the pedagogical skills of the teacher and his or her ability to craft activities that will build 21st century skills amongst learners.

The aims of this session are to:

·         share the stories of teachers who have used simple tools to create powerful project based learning experiences for their students

·         provide inspiration to teachers who want to use O365 tools to create project based learning opportunities

·         encourage teachers to reflect on their own teaching practices and their reasons for using tools in their classrooms

Megan Rademeyer : Biography

Megan Rademeyer is the Programmes Manager at SchoolNet South Africa – a non-governmental organisation that aims to create professional learning communities of teachers and to encourage lifelong professional growth through digital learning. Megan is involved in running a number of projects that provide professional development to teachers; she contributes to the development of a range of courseware; and she is a trainer for both Intel and Microsoft. Megan has been a judge at various regional and global Microsoft Innovative Teachers Forums; she is a Microsoft Fellow and an MIE Master Trainer.

Megan has extensive experience in developing and reviewing educational materials and has produced content for the website and print, web and television resources for Mindset Network ( Megan holds a Master of Arts degree in English Language Education (cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand and taught high school English, Geography and History for five years.